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Did you know that there are easy scholarships with simple essays and applications that you can apply for?

Tired of writing long, detailed scholarship essays? Looking for some simple and easy scholarships to apply to? This list is your go-to guide for easy scholarships. These no essay scholarships give you a chance to earn money for college without spending hours writing an essay or filling out paperwork.

You’ll find that many of the no essay scholarships below only require your basic personal information. Some will also ask you to submit a photo or video or even listen to an audio file and answer a question about it. There are other awards that may not require any information from you but instead ask friends and family members who know you best to vouch for you by filling out an online form about why they think you should win this scholarship.

If all that sounds too good to be true, hold on! There are still requirements for these easy scholarships: students must be at least 13 years old, have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, and be a legal resident of the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand (unless otherwise specified).

⦁ Write a Story in 100 Words or Less

This scholarship is easy to apply for, as the requirements are simple. All you have to do is write a story about yourself in 100 words or less. Once that’s done, submit your entry on Easy enough, right? To make it even easier, be sure to get your family and friends to vote for you! The person with the most votes wins $10,000! That’s how easy this scholarship is! Get writing!

⦁ Answer a Short Question

⦁ Answer a Short Question

While these scholarships generally do not require an essay, some will ask for a short answer or description of the project you are working on. While this is still technically an essay, it is essentially a very short one and can be answered in no more than a paragraph. When asked to write this type of scholarship essay, stick to the word count requested by the scholarship program. If they say 200 words max, don’t turn in 100 words just because it sounds better! Typically, you’ll be able to come up with something sufficient in 150-200 words.


o “What is your favorite book?” (100 words)

o “How will winning this scholarship help you attain your goals?” (150 words)

o “What is your dream job?” (200 words)

⦁ Submit a Video

If you’re the type who likes to apply for scholarships, then by all means, check out this easy and free one. All you have to do is make a three-minute video on an important topic of your choice. While video creation might sound like a lot of work, it’s actually easier than you think: all you really need is some kind of recording device (like a phone or small camera) and a decent internet connection so that you can upload the finished product.

The quality doesn’t have to be super high—it just has to be good enough for the judges to understand it. Once the video is made, submit it through their website on the provided form along with your name and contact info. You’ll still have to do some homework beforehand though—make sure your topic isn’t too dull or too controversial!

⦁ Create the Best Meme or Vlog

A lot of people don’t know what a meme is, let alone how to make one. A meme is an image that is used in a way that expresses the ideas or opinions of its creator. If you have seen someone captioning an image on their social media page, they have made a meme. A vlog, on the other hand, is short for video blog. With today’s technology it could be as simple as taking a quick video with your phone and uploading it to YouTube or other social media sites.

Anyone can make a decent meme or vlog but to win a scholarship you will need to create something funny and catchy enough to catch the eye of the organizer committee for consideration.


See also;


⦁ Tweet your Way to $1,000

Want to win $1,000 for college? It’s as easy as tweeting!

Cash4Tweet Scholarship

Easy to Apply For: Yes. Just tweet about the importance of being drug-free with the hashtag #cash4tweet. You can also tag a friend on Twitter if you want to convince him or her to enter the contest, too.

Noteworthy: This scholarship has been around since 2012 and has had more than 1,200 winners so far. First place gets $1,000; second place gets $500; third place gets $300; fourth through tenth places get $100 each. Past winners have tweeted about things like their favorite books and why they’re drug free.

Deadline: February 22nd every year

Renewable: No

Eligibility Requirements: Anyone can apply (you don’t need good grades or sports skills). The only exception is that people living in New York and Florida aren’t eligible.

⦁ Tell us About Yourself

STEP 2: Tell us About Yourself

Have you ever wanted to write an autobiography? Now is your chance! Make sure to include the following:

  • Your future goals.
  • Past achievements.
  • Favorite sports team.
  • Favorite food.
  • Favorite place in the world to visit.
  • Favorite movie or book ever read/seen.
  • Your favorite color, and why (if applicable).

⦁ Write a Student-Athlete Essay

So, what’s a student-athlete essay?

It’s a personal essay written by a student to show their athletic achievements and how they affect their life. According to the NCAA, your student-athlete essay can contain “a maximum of 650 words in the body of the submission.”

What are the characteristics of a good student-athlete essay?

  • A good athlete profile is an honest portrayal of your life as an athlete. For example, you don’t have to only mention your most prestigious awards and accolades; you can also talk about any challenges you’ve overcome or lessons learned from playing sports.
  • It is concise. Don’t ramble for 650 words, when you can say everything you need in 300 words or less. You’ll keep your reader engaged if they’re not bored with your writing. As such, use fewer words to get more done! I would recommend writing short paragraphs (3–5 sentences) as well as short sentences (20–30 words).
  • It has good grammar and punctuation usage. Your reader will be put off by bad grammar and wrong punctuation marks! Therefore, take care to proofread what you write before submitting it for the scholarship application process.

What are the benefits of writing a student-athlete essay? The following are some benefits for college students who write essays about athletics: * It shows colleges that athletics are important to them * They may get financial aid for college * They get more experience with college application processes

There are many scholarships that you can apply to get money for college.

From ones you have to write an essay to weird ones like “Zombie apocalypse survival plan,” there are millions of scholarships out there that you could be eligible for. Although many, if not most, require essays and applications, they are free and easy ways to save money while in college. Remember when your high school guidance counselor told you that all the money to pay for college was in scholarships? They were right!

Besides being a good way to save cash, winning scholarships can also help your chances of getting into certain colleges. Did I mention they were free and easy? If you are still not convinced, here are a few examples that might convince you:

Free Scholarships to Apply


Scholly is one of the most popular and highly rated scholarship search tools available. It helps students find scholarships by taking an individual’s profile into consideration, including their GPA, interests, ethnicity and other factors that play a role in getting financial aid. The app is widely recognized as the best on the market—it was even featured on Shark Tank and won two awards from Apple for being one of the best apps in 2015.

Scholly isn’t free to use, but it’s not expensive either. Once you sign up for an account, you’ll get access to more than $6 billion worth of scholarships for a monthly fee of $4.99 or an annual fee of $19.99 (which amounts to about $1.67 per month). If you need help paying for your subscription, Scholly offers a “Pay What You Can” option—and if your family has already filled out the FAFSA form and been deemed ineligible for federal student aid (see below), Scholly will hook you up with a full-year membership (worth $19.99) at no cost!

This award is aimed at students who have a strong attendance record but aren’t necessarily the highest achievers in their class. Students must attend college for a full calendar year to be eligible for this scholarship, which requires no additional paperwork or essay writing. is a social good company that offers high school students a chance to win scholarships and prizes based on their achievements, including leadership skills and volunteer work. In addition to having a strong attendance record, students can score points here by taking rigorous courses, receiving awards or honors both inside or outside of school and participating in extracurricular activities.


  • Chegg partners with various organizations to offer both scholarships and free tutoring.
  • Chegg offers a scholarship directory featuring more than 10,000 opportunities that you can search through by category, award amount and other criteria.

You can also use the Chegg scholarship search tool (the same one used for the contest) to find additional scholarships that are offered by many colleges and universities.



Founded in 1995, this is one of the longest running scholarship search websites. FastWeb has a database of over 1.5 million scholarships and includes a college planning section and articles to help you with your college career. The College Board and Peterson’s also have scholarships listed on their sites.

Enter your personal information, including demographic details and your academic standing, to be matched with scholarships that you’re eligible for. You can also search through a scholarship directory, which is organized by category.


Cappex is a free website that allows you to search for [college] scholarships and apply for them. On Cappex, you can find national, private, and college-specific scholarships that you are eligible for. They also offer an opportunity to enter to win their $1,000 monthly scholarship drawing by completing your profile or writing a review of your school.

In addition to the scholarship search, Cappex provides resources for choosing a college (what type of school is right for you), information about financial aid (how much aid you could receive) and college application tips.

Unigo is free to use, easy to navigate, and offers more than $14 billion in scholarships, plus more than 10 million student reviews.

There are several websites that you can use to find scholarships to apply to.

There are several websites that you can use to find scholarships to apply to. Below is a list of the most popular and easy-to-use:

  • Scholly
  • Chegg
  • FastWeb
  • Cappex
  • Unigo

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