How To Create Your First Fiverr Seller Account

Fiverr seller account

Creating your seller account.

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. It is an amazing idea to start Fiverr if you are broke or you just need some extra cash. People on Fiverr are making ridiculous money and they turned Fiverr as their main income. In Fiverr a gig is sold every 5 seconds. Of course you should put into work if you want sales and money.

First, you need to create a seller profile if you want to start selling on Fiverr. To do that is really simple.

Go to
Click Become a Seller
Enter your Email.
Then choose your username and password.
Choose a username that is related to your niche.
Set up your personal info
Fill out your full name.
Note: This information will remain private.
In the Profile Photo section, add an image of yourself or something that is related to your niche.
In the Description section, introduce yourself to the Fiverr community.
In the Languages section, select the languages you speak and your level of fluency.
Click Continue.

Professional Info

In the Your Occupation field, select your expertise.
In the Availability section, select if you’d like to work full-time or part-time, and then select your working hours and your expected income.
In the Skills section, let your buyers know your skills. These may be skills gained through your previous jobs, hobbies, or even everyday life. You also have the option to suggest skills.
In the Education section, select when and where you attended college. You also have the option to suggest your diploma if it’s not listed.
In the Certification section, listing your honors and awards can help you stand out from other sellers. You also have the option to suggest certifications.
In the Personal Website field, enter your URL.
Click Continue.

7. Linked Accounts

In the Linked Accounts section, link your social networking accounts to your Fiverr account. You may select more than one.
Note: Your personal information will not be displayed to the buyer.
Click Continue.

8. Account Security

In the Email field, click Verify Now and continue with the process.
In the Phone Number field, click Verify Now and continue with the process.
When finished, click Continue & Create Your First Gig.

Optimizing your profile.

It is important to use a profile picture that represents you and has all the copyrights of the picture. For example, if u are a graphic designer you can use your logo or your personal picture.
Also if u are a graphic designer, for example, you must use keywords related to designs in your tagline
(text under your profile picture).

Also, you need to include keywords for graphic design in your description.
Write / Put as much as skills you can relate to your niche. By this I mean if you are a graphic designer don’t put SEO.
Include certification and education, it makes you professional.

Seller Account Gig Creation

Research similar gigs before creating yours.
If you are starting Fiverr and you are a new seller if u want to get more sales just create as many gigs as you can. Check the Fiverr Levels page to see how much you can create per each level. Also, try different niches because as a new seller you usually will get your first sale from the buyer request section. Fiverr updated their system so you will see only requests for the niche you upload to create gigs. So create gigs in different niches.

If u want to choose and to know which gigs and categories are the best selling, it is really easy. Fiverr has organized them: 1st Graphic Designs, 2nd Digital Marketing, etc
Choose gigs from successful sellers
Open a new doc or notepad.
Copy the gig description and the frequently asked question ( FAQ ) just to get an idea.
If u want to search the keyword that is popular just go to the searching bar and type for example cover:
and then it will pop up most used keyword / services for example : book cover design / book cover / Facebook cover / ebook cover / resume and cover letter / album cover

Then you can go back to the document and see how they built/wrote their gig description that converts and sells. Use words that are in your title also bold / highlight them. Give them reasons why you are the best. Use words like: I like to create more quality products than quantity.

Don’t copy word per word other’s descriptions but use it as a template and make it your own.

Also, use a lot of formatting.

First when you are creating a Fiverr gig, set a short name. Example: I will design a business card.
The reason why you should do this is that this will create a short URL that others can remember and because the URL created is permanent so it can’t be changed later.
Then you can edit the title and add some clickbait words and keywords, for example, I will design a UNIQUE business card.

Overview page

Set a gig title that sells. Again you want to check into other top-rated sellers’ gigs and use their titles and keywords to come up with a title that sells.
If u are struggling with choosing the right category, again check into other top-rated sellers’ gigs. This time you want to choose the same gig category as theirs.
Set up everything on the first page/overview page.

The most important area on the first page/overview page is the TAG AREA (At the bottom) :

So don’t play around with tags, don’t use tags that you think will sell but tags that really sell. Do the tag and keyword research on other top-rated seller gigs and choose the best tags.

Price page

I recommend using the 3 gigs package because you can make more money from your work. People / Sellers usually name the package as Basic – Standard – Premium but you can change it and name it how you like.
Now when it comes to the time delivery you must think about the work you will deliver for each package.

For example, if u are selling/designing banners on the basic package you want to set the delivery: 1 day because you are doing a basic banner. In the premium package, you want to set 7 days because you are using all your knowledge to do an amazing banner. Also at the beginning deliver fast, but later, up your delivery time so you can add the extras where buyers/costumers will pay to deliver and get the work done faster.

Creating successful gig packages.

If you are starting you should price your basic page at $5. You want something that is low risk, this means that you are not going to give your whole work, just some basic work. Using a $5 Basic package is important because it will get you more orders. Most of the best sellers price $5 for their basic package.

On the premium package, you should price high / again affordable because you are going to give them your best work.
Also when you are setting the time, make sure you give yourself time to deliver your best work for each package, but also don’t ” kill ” yourself.

By this, I mean that you should deliver for example in 4 days premium work. So you have enough time to work. If you have for example 1 day delivery you may get a lot of sales, and you end up with cancelations or negative reviews.

But anyway you can also extend your delivery time if you are running out of it. It is really simple. All you have to do is to click on the order page. Click on the resolution page. Click Extend delivery time. Fill in all the requirements and you are good to go. A dispute will open. Message your client and tell them that I will deliver in a couple of hours but I don’t want to lose my reputation and my ranking and I also want to deliver the best work I can do.

But make sure you select a time that is manageable.


Seller Account Gig Extras.

While using the gig extra make sure you set a price that can sell, for example, don’t price $150 to deliver faster but you can price $30. Also, you can get your own gig extras. That’s an option for that as well.

Description and FAQ page.

Use the description you created on the word documents. It is important to use keywords that are related to your niche and format them ( bold and highlight) and also use bullet points. Make it look professional and explain what you are giving, why they should choose you, your previous experience, etc.

I recommend using the FAQ, it will make you more professional and clients can trust you and know more about your work.
Requirements Page.

Add all the requirements. This is the page that shows up after the client places an order. Do a checklist or make a list of things you need to work on/complete a work.

Gallery Page

The first photo that you add is going to be your cover/photo. Don’t use a lot of text, use colors that catch others’ eye. Upload your work.
I recommend if u are for example a graphic designer make a PDF portfolio file so you can show your work and upload it. Costumers love and want to see your work.
PDF: The quality of your work / the content in your PDFs will influence potential customers.
( source )

Also, it is really important to upload a video on the gig page. Fiverr considers those who create a video for their gigs more serious and ranks them higher instead of those using pictures. If you want to rank higher on Fiverr, get a video. But take your time to create a quality video to show your work, to create a good presentation.

How to make the video?

If u want your customer/client to trust you and know who they are paying, you must create a video where you show up your face and describe what you offer. You can write a simple script that you can read it for a minute and explain all the things you do offer. Present yourself, don’t skip over things that you should mention. Give them a preview of what you are delivering, and how you are delivering. Also, use the Fiverr outro.

Gig Optimization

Optimizing your gig title
You should optimize your gig title because it will drive more traffic, make more sales, and get more reviews.
The gig titles that are the best selling begin with a keyword or it should be in second place. Using the keywords will help you show up quicker.
Example of titles: I will do/perform / design etc

Optimizing your gig description.
Start with a headline. Start with a phrase to make the client buy your gig and also to get their attention. Don’t use things like: BUY THIS!
Also in the description explain what you are offering. Find keywords that are mostly searched, but will make you show up. DO KEYWORD RESEARCH.

Make the description easy to read. Use a structure, headers, and bullet points.
Also, it is important to add some rules and also you can add no money refund for example.
Add the ” Read before you buy + Contact before ordering ”


You should know that replying fast to your client’s needs it is always a good idea. You should keep always the response rate high because it helps you the one getting the level badges and ranking.
Pro tip: Download the Fiverr app for your Smartphone and stay active on the app, let the app run in the background so you will always be online and clients can contact you.
Be careful with your words, simple, and don’t be rude. You can get banned. You want to look professional and also to create a relationship with the client so they will come back at you and order more.

Pro tip: If you are texting with a buyer and you see the warning sign don’t ignore it, you will get a warning and affect in your profile.
Use the quick responses.
Make some quick responses related to your niches. You can use the templates given from Fiverr and update those.
Always ask them to leave a review and also to leave you a tip so you can make more cash. It helped me a lot to make more money especially when you do a good work, they left me up to $25 – $30.
Here is a template that I have made.

Hi <name> ,
Thanks again for your order! Your delivery is enclosed. If there are any problems, please let me know. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.
Please don’t forget to:
(1) Tell your friends about me.
(2) Leave a tip if you could like $25 dollars maybe?
(3) Leave review
(4) Share my profile to your social networks
Hope we work again together. 🙂
Thanks again and have a great day! 🙂


Keep your costumers, create a relationship with them.
When you a get a potential costumer start to create a relationship with them , a friendship. The reason is really simply because they will come back at you and will order again. I got a costumer who told me that he will always use me and I have completed 8 works for him and more to come.

You should be loyal, and kind to them.

I do not want to look like an arrogant person, but as a Level Two Seller, I just want to give you pieces of advice and little hints.
First of all, I am a translator doing freelance translations for over eight years (Fiverr member since 2012).

When it comes to my advice, you should always see your customers as long-time friends. To me, the most important thing in the freelancing is to focus on customer loyalty. You must create bonds that can not be broken with your customers. When they have a new job, you must be the first person to come to their minds. No matter which offers you provide, they should not look for another seller.

Yes, you can sell hundreds of orders. Without paying attention to your customers, you can only translate their texts and send them. But in this way, it is impossible to create a loyalty between you and your sellers. With very small gestures it is possible to establish lifelong business agreements. For example, do you celebrate the holidays of your customers?

Do you send them a Christmas message? Do you make them feel valuable? If you do not act like this, they would go to another seller which is cheaper than you. But if you are able to build bonds of loyalty, they will not choose anyone else from you, even your services are really expensive.
From David Betz




How to get your first and more sales?
Tell your friends and family to buy your services just so you can get some reviews.

We discussed this before but you should use a lot the social media and communities and promote your services / gigs there too. It will help you a lot. Follow people that are interested on buying your services. Join Facebook groups as well. You can show your work on Instagram. Now days Instagram is really popular and can get a lot of traffic. Also use youtube to Show your work. You can also use LinkedIn to share your gigs, message your connections if they are in need for your services. Also you can use sites like Quora, different forums etc. You can go and comment on blogs related to your niche and get some traffic from there.

Also you can do some free works for some influencer that can share your gigs and get you more traffic to your fiverr account.
Create “Programs”. I personally have a discount code : 20% off in your order if u refer somebody to me and gets / buy a gig. This way you are getting two costumers. Offer discount or deals for repeated buyer, so you can create that relationship / loyalty , so the buyers will always order from you.

Getting more reviews.
First ask the buyers to leave them a review. You can just message them. But here is another quick and fun way to tell them to leave a review. Just send memes about leaving a review. You can use pre made fun memes online. Here is an example.
Or you can make your own memes. This is a fun way to get more reviews.

Get more traffic on Fiverr.
First you should do a lot of keyword research.
Optimize your gig titles and description so you gig can show up on the first page.
Choose and design professional cover gig photo. You can look up into others top rated seller image and design something similar to their pictures.
Use videos.
Deliver all the orders in time. It helps a lot ranking and achieving and maintaining levels.
Deliver quality products. If you can’t complete the work don’t tell them you can.
Keep your cancelations and refunds rates low. You don’t want your client to see that you don’t deliver in time or your got a lot of cancelations / refunds.

Stay active all day ( Download the Fiverr app for your Smartphone and stay active on the app, let the app run in background so you will always be online and clients can contact you. )

You should reply your message really quick. Again download the Fiverr app. It will save you a lot of time. You should reply to the messages quickly because you don’t want to lose a client.

To get more traffic it is more important to share on social media like Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn, Youtube , Blog etc.
Over Deliver, because this will get your more sales from the same person .

Tell them to refer to their friends or ask if they have any friend who is in need of their service.
When delivering a product if you have gigs that may help them, leave the gig link on the delivery message.

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